3 Subjects, 1 Topic

Photo on 8-21-14 at 9.45 PM #3Photo on 8-21-14 at 9.44 PM

Today was a big day of connections. In both English and History we are talking about what is happening currently in the world. Over the summer we had read The Kite Runner for English which is all about war in Afghanistan, and for History we read Jihad vs. McWorld. So they both connect with terrorism, jihad, and the war going on in Islam right now. 

Since school has started we have all found ourselves making connections between the two classes and how we were having similar conversations. Today Latin joined the club. We spent most of Latin class today discussion Islam. I decided to jot down some notes about what we were talking about, and I also took some observation notes on the class itself. 

The biggest theme I would like to point out was, “It’s okay to go off topic sometimes.” We talked about History class for 2 grade levels, English class, ancient Rome, Islam, and all because we were talking about something that interested us: the present, because we could really relate with the fact that it is happening now. Everyone was engaged, and we were also having fun just discussing and since no one felt the “I’m getting graded on this pressure” everyone was relaxed, not worrying about notes, and living in the moment, which was really neat to watch and experience. We didn’t even start doing “Latin” stuff until the last 13 minutes so that we would know how to do our homework.  

The big question that struck me was why we aren’t physically connecting the classes. Why not have multiple periods get together for a big discussion? If it is happening in multiple classes even with out being prompted by the subject itself, why not take the opportunity for a transdisciplinary education moment? 



(I also had a few other observations today about how we use the space in the media center during ID while being ethnographers.This is a Library? and The Lost Hallway ) 


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