Upside Down


I’ve been really excited for today because after school I got to have my first drama and my first acro practice since last school year! 

Acro involves a lot of going upside down, and everything looks funny and different. I was thinking though, by going upside down you are doing the skill correctly. The upside down state becomes the best possible reality for that situation. Just because you get a new perspective that may seem funny and weird, doesn’t make it wrong.  

What if that’s the trick school misses? What if sometimes you need to completely flip things upside down in order for them to work at their best? 

This morning I was really excited, but not for everything today. I was excited for advisory, Latin, drama, and acro. Why was I so excited for these things over everything else? I asked myself this question multiple times, and I’m still not entirely sure. 

I noticed with these times of the day, I’m never entirely sure what will happen. I know we will have amusing discussions that make me laugh and entertain and interest me. I knew tangents would not be shut down. For advisory, drama, and acro (I must admit I was looking forward to these 3 just a tad bit more than Latin for this reason), I know we will be getting up and doing things. I know that we will hear stories. I know it won’t feel like busy work. I know that I’ll get curious. 

This leads me to thing, why did the rest of the day not make the cut? Well, I couldn’t be sure of this list I guess. I, and no one I know of, has yet to figure out how to make everything on this list. But maybe flipping things upside down is a start.

When I think of flipping school upside down I truly think of ID. In one of my previous post about the CDC, I had said, “Essentially, we were told we could do everything we can’t do in school. And it was amazing!”

We were out in the world, solving real problems, playing improv games, having enthusiastic conversations about a myriad of topics that kept me attentive, using our hands to fiddle with things, and occasionally flipping our boundaries upside down so that things like money, location, time, and other variables created different scenarios. 

This is another one of those post that I wrote kind of on the spot, but also not really. I guess today being the start of the second full week of school I was just noticing that it still feels like I’m just going through the motions. I haven’t been hating class. I’ve enjoyed several things, but on the majority, classes haven’t been making me genuinely excited to have them. I want them to though. Now is just working on the how


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