Why Does it Have to be a Choice?


The Disney Cohort was offered to come back to the CDC on Thursday. Immediately we all reacted the same way; “Of course I want to go back! It was great the first time, and I want to see how far the group has come since then.” Then there is the sad realization of all of the work you have to do with figuring out your classes at school for that day. You know if every day of school was like ID, then everything would be great. But sadly, right now, it is not. 

I have come to notice that for some unexplained reason, teachers all feel the need to give quizzes or other long assignments right before long weekends. The quizzes themselves are not the annoying part. The annoying part is when every teacher does it at once. I often find a lack of communication between teachers in this sense. Teachers and classes all act like they live in their own little world, but this isn’t the reality of school. 

Stress can change a persons ability to test take enormously. When students have multiple quizzes or test in one day, it creates a lot of stress. A school should work as one unit shouldn’t it? Isn’t the idea for everyone to be working together to give students their best shot? If everyone operates in their own world, how can a school be expected to form a strong team? From a students perspective it always seems that teachers give big assignments due at the same time because the teachers think that it would be a good time to give their quiz without necessarily knowing about other variables in the school. 

I have 5 quizzes that need to be taken in the next 3 days. They may not all be called quizzes, but to take a general stance on what they mean towards our grade, they are quizzes. To add to that, for several of the quizzes, it will be our first big grade in the grade book, and you want to start the year off strong. Now if I am to go to the CDC, as I really want to because I know I will get to work on important topics with doctors versus learning about important topics that doctors are working on, that will leave me one less day to take and prepare for these quizzes with my classes. 

An important point ID has made is that we shouldn’t have to feel like we are “missing class” because we are still learning about all of our subjects, just in a different way. However, when you put a circle inside of a box, you only tend to see the box. To the rest of the school we are “missing class”. Our teachers are all very supportive and for the most part willing to be flexible so that we can go on these Ventures; however, this doesn’t lesson the stress on students to get everything done and figure out what they can do when.

It seems that it shouldn’t be this difficult to organize just getting to go on an incredible trip like this. It should be hard to choose between going to the CDC or sitting in a classroom, and it isn’t based on what we want to do. The complicated part is adding the factor of what the box wants us to do. 

I’m ready to break that dumb box into a million little pieces, and then jump up and down on it for good measure. 

I’ve decided to go on the Venture back to the CDC. I knew I wanted to and probably would go in the end the entire time, but it bothers me that students have to even make a choice like this. Isn’t the answer obvious? You always should pick to go into the world and experience, right? If all of school was like ID this wouldn’t be a problem because you wouldn’t have to make a choice. Sadly this is not the case yet, so a choice must be made. But this decision would be so much easier to make if it wasn’t for that dumb box. 


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