Hand Raising


From the moment we start school we are taught to raise our hand when we want to talk so that it isn’t chaos with everyone talking at once and at the wrong times. However, in the real world, you just talk when you find a space that seems appropriate to talk. Raising you hand to speak becomes an annoying habit. I will find myself occasionally doing it outside of school too, even at the dinner table a few times.

I have noticed that once you get into high school, or maybe even younger now, it isn’t always clear when teachers want you to have a conversation, or when they want you to raise your hand. Sometimes not raising your hand when not told “don’t raise hands, just speak” is considered amazing because “you are learning to not raise your hand”. Other times you can be scolded for not raising your hand before you speak.

During ID we have discussed on multiple occasions that we are a start-up not a class, so we do not need to raise hands. Towards the beginning of the year, we all would have to remind ourselves to not raise our hand during ID, but now I have found that we are use to it. We learned that can speak without raising our hand. It is a novel idea isn’t is? 

Now the opposite has started to happen, I’ve observed that many ID students tend to be the ones to forget to raise their hand before speaking. If an ID student finds a time where they want to say something, and it seems like a reasonable time to do so, they just say it. During a few classes it is at the point where there are some students very comfortable with just speaking when there is a break in the conversation. Then you have others who will sit there with their hands raised for several minutes until the teacher acknowledges that everyone should participate so the students that are comfortable with speaking up should ask the kid patiently waiting, what they want to say. 

I’m curious how hand raising will evolve over this year. Will more students get comfortable with not raising their hands all of the time? Will teachers be accepting of the idea of not constantly raising hands? Will the opposite happen, where students are again asked to only raise their hand? Will ID and the iProjects have any effect into the outcome of hand raising? 

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