Short Term Memory


We went back to the CDC today!!!!!! I had a ton of fun and would love to be sharing my thoughts on that right now; however, I have big quizzes in every class tomorrow. Therefore I need to be using this time to study which is why this is a short post. 

It isn’t that I feel unprepared for tomorrow. I have been studying through out the week. However, I would still say my short term memory is going to be more likely to help me tomorrow. That’s just how test and quizzes work. You memorize a bunch of facts, you write them on a sheet of paper, then you forget at least half of the information. (If you haven’t noticed, I have a large bias against test and quizzes.) I’m not trying to be rude because I understand that teaches want/need a way to see student progress over the year, but maybe the problem is that we are defining “progress” the wrong way.

I’m trying to be honest about this. I’m considered a “smart person” in my grade, and I’m bothered by this sometimes because that is primarily based off of grades. However, even with being a “smart person”, I know that I rely a fair amount on my short term memory for test and quizzes which is just how it works. Grades are just about working the system to put in bluntly. There is a certain science to trying to figure out what teachers are likely to ask, and I do put in an enormous amount of work to stay on top of things so I can put my best foot forward, but it isn’t rocket science to get good grades. 

Test and quizzes bother me sometimes because it doesn’t have much to do with your actual ability to apply learned skills to your life, it is more about being smart enough to figure out how to make the desired grades. 


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