Pink and Plastic

stock-photo-smiling-handsome-guy-holding-plastic-fork-and-spoon-near-his-stomach-over-white-background-studio-111625859We are at the lake this weekend and I have officially graduated to the grown up table apparently. It use to be more of a half and half thing, but this time I have not eaten with the kids once, mainly because I’m the only kid to actually eat the same meals as the adults. 

Being at the adult table reminded me of a debate my family had a few weeks ago about plastic silverware. When eating meals at home, I tend to still use plastic silverware. This is just what I’m use to. For the last 15 years of my life, plastic silverware is what I was told to use. Now I’m being told, “You’re 15, you have to stop using plastic silverware.” Why is it that plastic silverware is just a “kid thing”?  

I find plastic silverware better when you are eating hot things because you don’t burn yourself. Plus, at school that is the only type of utensils available, so everyone uses plastic. Why not?

 I was watching a video today about how blue is considered a boy color, and pink is considered a girl color, but there is really no logic behind it. In fact, the colors use to be associated with the opposite genders. Society has just established these rules that are completely trivial in the grand scheme of life. 

Boys can wear pink, and adults can use plastic silverware. Who cares, and why do they? 



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