Happy Birthday Kylie!


Today was my sister’s birthday. Kylie is now 12, but she is in 7th grade because her birthday is on the cut off day. Since her birthday is on the cut off day, Kylie is almost always the youngest in her grade. The tendency of parents of this day and age, is to hold children back if they are on the younger side of grades. However, my family decided to not do that. 

I find it interesting how things can be decided for children when they are that little. How do you really know if a child will benefit or not by starting school earlier or later? It seems like age isn’t as important as the actual start time itself. Typically, a child will progress at around the same time as other children who start school at that time, right? 

There may be more too this, but there may not be. This goes back to my thing about gymnastics not technically having age boundaries for when you start. I italicized “technically” because there are some general norms about when to start a child, and some ages have harder competition at certain levels then others. However, at our gym for example, the most advanced girl on the team is one of the youngest; she is only 8 years old, and she is training level 8 (out of 10 levels before Olympic level). 

One of my best friends, who is now in college, recently sent me this text, “That’s another thing about college. The grade divide is hardly there at all. The only consistent difference is the classes we take but upper and lower class men communicate and hang out a ton.” 

To me age seems like such a meaningless boundary most of the time. There is never an age when you stop learning, and you start the moment you are born. So why does school always have so much to do with age? 


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