Mixing Lessons

IMG_2594This picture doesn’t have much to do with this post besides the fact that I took the picture during Latin class. During Latin today, we learned English. This makes sense because in order to use correct language in a foreign language, you should really be able to use language correctly in your first language. 

During this class, I noticed that this was another great example of how we could be using transdisciplinary education at school. Why don’t we have English grammar taught with our foreign language? A lot of times in the past years I have noticed how at least with Latin and English, the classes would over lap. We talked about Odysseus and mythology in both. We talked about tenses, relative pronouns, and subordinating clauses in both. In both class we are learning culture and language, just about two different places. Why not learn them together to really get to compare the similarities and differences and also to use time productively. Do we really need to hear all of these things twice in the same day with a slightly different teaching style? If more classes were mixed together to be taught, imagine how much more we could learn in that time by hearing things once and then going deeper. 


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