Connecting the Bugs


Today during ID we brainstormed things that bug us. We started with brainstorming everything and anything, then we did a gallery walk, and then we tried to narrow our bugs down to the few we really feel passionate about. Tomorrow we will be taking a bug to write about as far as why we chose it and what we want to do about it. (Well this is what I gained from it, I don’t really know the specific prompt, but I know we will be writing something that goes with what we did today.) I want to stay vague about my choice and why I chose it for now because I don’t want to be influenced by my post today for the prompt tomorrow. 

Instead I will talk about some of the other bugs that I came across while making this list. Yesterday I had to go to the doctors because my left wrist had been hurting for a little while (since DRAMA Camp actually). It had gotten a little better, but after starting acro I noticed it hurting more again. We got an x-ray and I may have tendencious because the ligaments on the outside of my wrist looked inflated. So now I am in a brace. Not a cast, but it still limits my use of my left hand. The doctor said to wear it for at least 2 weeks and to not do acro for now, and then I may have to do physical therapy. 

I’m not too excited about any of this. I had finally gotten back to doing acro, and now I won’t be able to preform at the Sandy Springs Music festival because I can’t practice for 2 weeks and there isn’t enough time. Besides just acro, I have never broken anything before (nock on wood) so even just the brace seems really limiting what I can do with my hand. I realized that a lot of people probably get annoyed by this to a much larger extent. It bugs me that injuries can limit people so much. 

This reminded me of the prosthetic project we did last year in biology where we tried to create our own prosthetic/therapy. My group ended up redesigning the cast, but I wonder if ID went back and did a venture similar, yet less structured to this project, what ideas we would come up with to help people with other short term injuries. Maybe this would even connect back to our adVenture at the CDC. 

I really love making connections to former ideas that then bring new ideas. Even when creating my bug list, lots of things started to connect. The bug I picked for this writing exercise tomorrow, I mainly picked because it encompasses and connected to several of my big bugs. I was trying to story board my bug, and I was making lots of connections and realizations and creating questions, and then the bell rang. 

Mr. Adams and I both have a huge bug about the bell system. School isn’t some factory! The bells seem to always cut us off at the worst times. I hate it when I’m getting into a good thought and then I’m cut off because I usually forget it later. Specifically with brainstorming or any other creative exercise, you have to get through the bad ideas before reaching the good ones, but bells cut you off right when you start to reach the tip of the iceberg with those good ideas!!!! It drives me crazy!!!!

I’m curious as to what the design thinking behind the bell system is. Everything was created at some point because of a problem, so HMW reverse engineer the bell system? What was the original problem that the bell system was created to solve for? Was it really the best solution? The bell system was around before design thinking was really a thing, so how does our emphasis on design thinking change the needs for what ever this original problem was? HMW find a new and better solution that also takes into account this new added aspect of DT? 

And those were just a few of my bugs that I really wanted to get out even if they weren’t the one I went with. I also feel bad, because tomorrow will be the 100th post (THE CHALLENGE IS ALMOST COMPLETE!!!!!) so I know even after writing tomorrow, I probably won’t blog about it just yet. Therefore I will share my topic: “Why is interpretive dance not a socially acceptable presentation format in school?” (Some of the bugs from this include: dumb society created norms, the arts program being neglected, and the way we use space/wasted space. ) 

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