144,000 Minutes (100 days) Of Blogging; Challenge Accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

Who Am I?


(This was the picture for my very first blog as well.) 

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it has actually been 100 days since I started this blog. So much has happened in the last 100 days. Today I scrolled through all of the titles of the post I’ve made, and it’s amazing how in each title that set of words holds a memory. Memories of observations, questions, rants, camps, ideas, challenges, friends, and most importantly the titles capture in a few words experiences of learning. 

I can’t even express how glad I am that I started blogging. Today Mr. Adams said something that really stuck with me, “Writing is thinking. It allows you to know what you are thinking.” (Well he said something like that.) 

Blogging everyday was definitely a challenge. There were days were I was not motivated at all to blog; I either had a bunch to do, or I was really tired, or I would have to use my phone to post within that day, or some other excuses I may have had. However, if I have learned anything from blogging, it is how I found that even when I couldn’t think of anything to write about, there was still something to write about, because there is always something to think about. 

Blogging has helped encourage me to observe the world more closely, and I’ve really enjoyed the thoughts that have come from the observations. I’ve also enjoyed having a place to share my story. With all of the design thinking I’ve done, I’ve really become apparent of the importance of a story, but also the importance of sharing a story. If a story isn’t shared what can it really do? 

While some of my post took a lot of effort to come up with, others were about thoughts I’ve been having for a while, but maybe not many people knew about them. Blogging makes my thoughts seem like they are actually going somewhere. I would also like to think my writing has improved by trying to record the thoughts. (Practice makes perfect.) 

Listening is just as important telling, and by blogging myself, I have become more aware of other bloggers and have heard so many stories through my blog. I’ve loved the experience, and though my challenge has been complete, my story isn’t done yet. 

I am most definitely 100% going to keep blogging with or without a specific challenge to do so. Once one challenge is complete it leaves room for another challenge. One challenge I want to complete is to go through and categorize my post. (It only took until post 100 for me to finally learn how to do that.) The last few days I have been debating about continuing to blog everyday or not. Like I said, it has been a challenge to keep myself to that, but as of literally this moment, I have decided to try anyway. There are going to be days where I may not be able to blog (like while on my school retreat this Sunday), but I still want to try and capture those stories. Writing captures thoughts; thoughts are stories; and stories bring ideas. 

Blogging has opened my eyes to a “Whole New World”, and “I want to be where the people are, I want to see them, see them dancing.” “Just because you find that life’s not fair, doesn’t mean that you just have to grin and bear it.” “It’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap.” I’m ready to try “defying gravity”. “I can go the distance.” “I just can’t wait to be king,” but until then I must “Be Prepared” for what the world that is as “mysterious as the dark side of the moon” will throw at me. So let’s just say the challenge of life has been accepted.

3 thoughts on “144,000 Minutes (100 days) Of Blogging; Challenge Accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. BRAVA, PINYA!!! I’m so proud of you, but even more importantly (and long lasting), I hear in your writer’s voice that YOU are proud of you. And you should be.

    I am eternally grateful to you. Through your 100 posts – I’ve read every one of them – you’ve helped me in my own reflection and learning. You’ve helped me be more observant and inquiring. You’ve strengthened the ties that we hold for each other in our networks – both of people and of ideas. You’ve helped me learn, and you’re a teacher of mine – through iD and through your shared stories here. That is a gift. And I am the receiver. And I am grateful.

    Keep up the thinking and doing and sharing. You already know the secret sauce — just write. Even when you don’t think you can or want to. Just write.

    And I’ll read!


    One of your biggest fans!

    Mr. A

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