Up on the Roof Top


There is so much I want to talk about today. It seems that I’ve almost thought more today while not in school. I guess I’ll begin with the most recent event.

We had our first soccer game today. No one knew everyone on the team yet so we tried to learn names and then we took 10 minutes to actually warm up and stretch some because we were trying to sort out uniforms and names the rest of the time. Then we started the game scored in 1.5 minutes. Then 1.5 minutes later it lighting and then lighting 3 times in 10 minutes so 21 of the games were canceled. But I actually touched the ball multiple times which is more then most can say, and we technically won. So YAY!!!!!!

It’s funny how a group of people that doesn’t really know each other, but all have a common goal and experience, can work together to make something happen. My coach calls are team the “good retired girls,” because none of us really care super seriously about soccer, but if we are still all pretty good players. Which also means we have basically no competition at our age since most girls either play club, school, or have quite at this point. However, while we all do lots of other things as well, we still have a ton of fun playing soccer which is why we have the team at all. In school you don’t usually have the option to just do something for fun. It is all about a grade. What if you want to do math or science or English or history just for fun sometimes? What if you want to learn about a topic without any pressure? Such a thing doesn’t really exists for schools. There is no “rec school time”. If it did exists, I would imagine it to look like Nerd Camp. A time where people are participating in learning just for fun without grades or standards holding us back.

I also watched Hercules today. There was one quote that I thought fit really well with design thinking; “Being famous is not the same thing as being a hero.” Design thinking is problem solving for people. The innovative people that come up with these great ideas aren’t acting on problems just to be famous, they want to genuinely help others which is pretty heroic.

(While talking about Disney, today I also discovered that Simba also had a son! I found out that there is a whole series of Lion King books, that now I want to track down.)

This perfectly segues into my new design thinking challenge I have made for myself. During ID a lot of us have talked about wanting to be able to go on the roof at school, and to actually take advantage of all of the space up there. (A lot of us get really bugged with how space is used at school, so we get really annoyed when space is wasted.) Finally after Abigail posted another post about how people were on the roof today at a football game, I wrote this response:

It is official. I think a new goal/challenge for ID is to figure out “HMW be allowed to go on the roof?” When I think of a roof of a school, the first thing I think of is always High School Musical and how the roof has a garden on top that Troy uses as a secret hide out. Why don’t we have a garden on the roof? Why can’t we have a secret hideout to think in? Why can’t we go on the roof? Let’s find out who is in charge of that and make a pitch. I’m going to start a google doc now to draft a pitch to Ms. Parker and I’ll share it with anyone who wants to help get this thing rolling.

I realized today that we were doing the typical student thing again where we would get annoyed with something and talk about it a bunch, but then not act upon our ideas because a teacher didn’t tell us to. Well I have been trying really hard to notice when we are doing thing, and now I think it is time to start taking action. I would also really love to know what your school or workplace does with their roof to get some ideas and pitch points to show what we could be doing with that space.

We don’t really have any assigned homework this weekend because we are going on a retreat tomorrow, but I feel like I have been way more productive this Saturday then normal despite not “having” to do things. I also finally got around to categorizing some of my older posts. I haven’t finished yet, but I’ve gotten close to 30 of the first ones done. I had to reread a lot of the post to remember what they were about, and it was nice to go back an revisit those ideas. It was also cool to see what things I tended to post about. Some of the common themes were about school, nerd camp, design thinking, Disney, Wicked, growing up, perception, and society. A great part about having a blog is that I can have one place to check when I want to go back and look on these old thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Up on the Roof Top

  1. This post is like a fabulously warm and frayed-ends-comfortable quilt — patches of thought stitched together for what the whole might show us that no one piece might by itself.

  2. Thank you Pinya for this post… Awesome! I have a thought or something. 🙂
    When I read this line, “HMW be allowed to go on the roof?” to be honest I thought- typical. You are seeking permission to get on the roof (btw I have not clicked on your Gdoc so not sure if you moved from this question or pitch idea). That is what you want, permission? If I had power, I would say No. Harsh, I know. The reason is in my too short moments to be around you and the ID cohort, I expect more. I expect more in the sense of not seeking permission, but creating a quest and a vision for the roof. I mean what if you are given the green light, “Ok you may go on the roof at such and such time.” Doesn’t the roof continue to be an underutilized, sad, lonely space that at very, very brief moments people stand around? I call these spaces, “Dead Spaces”.
    I want more. And I know you do too as you mentioned gardens, a quiet space, and a request for ideas… Currently, you are in the Discover mode and I applaud you for staying there and not jumping into specifics of solutions for the roof. It is difficult because as a design thinker you are designing for others, yet you want to use this space too.
    I challenge you to tackle this observation Abigail made yesterday of confirmation that the roof is safe and designed to allow for people on it and run this through a DEEPdt challenge. Utilize the Playbook, utilize your ID cohort, and keep trucking with this blog.

    Ideas for roof tops:

    1. You’re right, that HMW questions was very typical. I started there because that is how the conversations had started. Most of us in ID have a pet peeve about waisted space, so I think since none of us (to my knowledge) have ever been on the MVPS roof, our first question was simply, “HMW be allowed to go on the roof?” I figured it was a good step one discovery question because if we can’t get on the roof then we can’t possibly do anything with it. On the google doc I have started to dig a little more with that question. Like I said, our pet peeve is with wasted space, so once we see it, “HMW take advantage of the extra space we have on the roof?” Last year I had this thing called The Question Tree. Basically it was a theory of mine about the evolution of a good DT question. You have to start with something broad to then figure out where that question leads you when you start discovering and empathizing. I don’t really know much about the roof at MVPS, so the first thing I want to do is to get up there and observe the space, which means we have to figure out how to give a good pitch on why we should be allowed up there even in the first place. Thanks for your resources as well. We just got back from our retreat, so I will start looking into those later!

      1. thanks for the response… very well said and supported. I am curious, have you asked Mr. Adams or Mrs. Parker yet if you can go up to the roof and get a lay of the land? Is a pitch really necessary? What is the Value-Added for MV to have access & use of the roof? I think this an angle that might need some pursuing or even a Pitch 🙂 “value added refers to “extra” feature(s) of an item of interest (product, service, person etc.) that go beyond the standard expectations and provide something “more”, even if the cost is higher to the client or purchaser”

      2. I talked briefly with Ms. Breite today about the roof. She thought it sounded like an interesting idea to actually use the roof during school time. She also gave insight to why people were on the roof during the football game, she believes that those were people recording. She directed me to Ms. Parker, but she said that she doesn’t really know who would be the best to talk to about roof access. I sent Ms. Parker an email earlier today, so now I’m just waiting for a response about setting up a time where some of us can check out the roof. I put the email on the google doc. 🙂

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