Sharing and Listening


My family can be really random at times. I would have posted this weekend, but my family ended up going to a camp this weekend to go zip lining primarily. It was a ton of fun, but the wifi was pretty bad, so I was not able to post what I wrote for the last two nights, so I will post them in a minute.

I know that I technically finished my original challenge, but it still feels weird to miss a day. After you get into a habit of doing something really often, everything feels wonky the one time you don’t. It reminds me of sleep walking actually. When I was younger I use to sleep walk every night. I would come down the stairs and sit at the table waiting to be given breakfast when it was actually around 12 o’clock in the morning and I just needed to pee. Every morning I would go through the same routine, so when I was sleep walking I would follow that same pattern out of instinct.

I don’t sleep walk as often anymore, but I still follow a really detailed pattern every morning. It is actually so specific that I almost know the exact time it usually is when I do certain things. I love math, so numbers and patterns are awesome in my mind. Learning to spot patterns can also help with design thinking because noticing patterns can help you to notice connections and associated things with each other. As the Disney Cohort learned from our discussions about an innovators DNA, connections are the driving force in design thinking.

One skill that I wish I could get better about turning into a pattern is reading. I love reading a good book, but finding a good book is the hard part. I also love hearing about new ideas people are having and discovering new information, but I have such a hard time finding the time to sit down and just read. I blog every night, but I don’t read other blogs as much as I would like to. I know that listening is just as important as sharing, so I am placing a new challenge upon myself: Not only will I try to blog every day, but I will also try to read at least one other person’s blog, an article, TED Talk, or even a youtube video about new ideas each night (really any way to learn information).

Challenge accepted.

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