Costumes and Competition = Creativity and Unification


This week is homecoming week at my school which to me means that the week is full of costumes, spirit, and unity (and of course a little extra drama). My favorite part of homecoming week is getting to dress up. Today was preppy day, tomorrow is color wars and I’m blue, Wednesday is my favorite day “villains and heroes” (I’m going to be Scar and I’m really excited!), Thursday is decade day (80s for me), and then we finish the week with a typical spirit day.

I love seeing all of the creative things people come up with for each theme. It is amazing how just coming up with a simple theme can encourage so much creativity in a school. It is also amazing how much more unified the school seems during this week. By dressing up differently then normal, people seem to notice each other in the hallways and classes more than on an average day. Everyone is also unified specifically as a grade because you want your grade to win the most spirit for the week (even though the seniors always win).

If something as simple as changing up the dress code for the day and adding a little friendly competition can make students so much more unified and creative, why don’t we do things like this more than once a year?

What if once a month there was a special dress up day, the spirit competition went on for the entire year? What if we even incorporated the school mindsets: collaborator, creative thinker, solution seeker, ethical decision maker, innovator, and communicator? Each mindset could be the theme of a month. One day during that month there could be a dress up day that went with that theme, such as “twin day” for collaborator, “types of weather” (playing off of brainstorm) for creative thinker, “Finding Nemo/under the sea” for solution seeker (I have no idea why this was the first thing to come to mind), “villains and heroes” for ethical decision maker, “favorite invention/inventor” for innovator, and “protester” for communicator. I’m sure there are tons of other ideas that we could come up with too.

This could all even tie in with student of the month because those already are themed with a certain mindset, but now we could add the extra layer of  which grade does the best job at using that mindset. (Or something like that to add some competition.) I know not everyone as intense with competition as I am, but I know that there are people (myself included) that get way more spirited when it could involve winning. There isn’t a prize we get at the end of the week for winning, we just like to say we won. If just the words “it is a competition” can encourage people so much, why don’t schools use that knowledge to help push more students into thinking past school?

Homecoming week is intense, but I don’t see why it has to be so different from the rest of the year. I’m sure that it is extra special because it is the only time; however, I am a person that mainly thinks about efficiency. If there is a way to help inspire students to be creative and unified, I don’t get why we don’t take advantage of it. Homecoming week proves that competition and costumes may just be that way.

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