What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger


Sometimes boundaries are what limits creativity, but sometimes they are what encourages it. My wrist has still been messed up, I have to go to the doctors again tomorrow after having been on Tuesday because apparently there must have been a bunch of small injuries throughout my left arm and now it is just like “blah”. I have scar tissue everywhere, and like in the Lion King, Scar isn’t good. The lady had to first use her hands to break up some of that scar tissue, and now I can’t use my wrist much besides everyday stuff for two weeks, and then I will have to do PT stuff for basically the rest of my life because my wrists are just weak in general and they need to be strengthened.

Not using my wrist for another 2 weeks proposes a problem since I am preforming an acro routine Saturday. Therefore, we just had to get creative. Today we had to go through the routine, that my top only learned last week, and change most of the skills so that I can do things without involving my wrist. This included creating some things that aren’t really allowed for our level. For example, we are still tumbling; however, I obviously can’t do a front handspring round-off like I was going to be doing. Instead, I had to practice trying a few different things to try and make it look like tumbling my partner will do. The only real options were some form of a one handed cartwheel (with my bad hand, so I stretch awkwardly across my body, which isn’t impossible, but harder) or a one handed front walk over, which I luckily already knew how to do and with my right hand. The end product was something no one in the gym really thought possible. I figured out how to do a one handed round off (your feet get together in the air and there is flight) off of my one far hand and still get enough power to rebound (jump at the end), turn, and then go straight into a one handed cartwheel, which is close to the level 6 tumbling (we are 7). A bunch of us were really impressed I could get that much power with one hand, and I wouldn’t have known I could do it without having the limitation of my wrist.

There were also other dance and skill moments where we had to think of new things, but in the end, it all looks pretty good. My top and I are preforming at the Sandy Springs Festival at 1:30ish (I think) on Saturday, which leaves us hardly any time left before then to practice. We added another short practice because we have only done the full routine a few times, but it is looking presentable which is exciting. The routine now has some cool, abnormal things in it, and while many of them will change back once my wrist is in usable condition again, it is still fun to try these challenges.

Through this I have come to notice that boundaries are not the opposite or evil to creativity, unchanging boundaries are the problem, when you change the limits, that is typically when you find the most creativity.


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