It’s Been Coming Up A Lot


I had to go get my scar tissue broken up more today. It has to happen multiple times for it to heal, and it hurts every time. While I was with the doctor, my mom and her were talking about ADHD and kids being wrongly diagnosed when they are young. A 6 year old boy is bound to be bouncing around a lot, that is just how young boys are. I found it kind of funny to be talking about this because it is exactly the kind of conversation I was having with doctors at the CDC. I guess I never realized how relevant it was until these experiences.

My brother use to have really bad allergies to a lot of things. As of this summer he has been cleared of all of them, but my mom isn’t 100% sure on that because he still has been breaking out a little, and occasionally has behavior changes that are out of the ordinary. My mom has done a lot of research with food and general health, and allergies can often stimulate unproductive behaviors. She strongly believes that many kids diagnosed for ADHD at young ages either are just being kids, or if the child really does have behavior issues with being uncooperating then it could be a food tolerance miss diagnosed as ADHD.

My mom’s god mother and her son were both diagnosed with ADHD, but when they got the Elisa Test done, they found that they had tolerances to many foods. The Elisa Test is different from just the standard allergy test you would get from an allergist because the Elisa Test is actually a blood test, rather than just your skin. Therefore, the test is more accurate. When they changed their diet, their “ADHD symptoms” got better too, and now they have been off of ADHD medicine for years.

One of the things we talked about while at the CDC was how doctors often go to prescribing all types of medicine first, which doesn’t always help the patient. What I’ve learned just by being present in conversations around me, is that doctors often don’t suggest other methods besides medicine. If you go in with background knowledge of your own and ask “would it be benificial if I…” then the doctors may say yes, and that those things can help, but they won’t bring up subjects on their own. For example, many parents put vix on their child’s feet before bed to help with breathing. This often gets passed down through generations without really knowing why you are doing it. Doctors in the US will not tell you specifically to do this, but if a parent asks, then they will tell you it seems to work. I haven’t checked this fact myself, but apparently in Canada, they have proven that vix works. It seems to be a problem that doctors don’t suggest other methods unless directly asked about using a specific theory. Not everyone has background knowledge before seeing a doctor. The doctor is suppose to know what works and what doesn’t, even if it isn’t 100% of the time, it would be nice to know options.

As far as ADHD goes, the CDC is trying to get a policy change so that doctors are required to push kids to see a therapist first. I think this is an excellent idea, but what about those children that don’t actually have ADHD at all? I’m sure a therapist would still help, but what if we could help that child have better control of him or herself? Based on what I know (which isn’t a ton, but a decent amount), it seems that doctors should also be encouraged to push people to try getting a blood test like the Elisa Test before any thing else. One of the problems is that the Elisa test is expensive, and insurances don’t cover it, so many people just opt out of doing it.

If insurances covered allergy blood test, and doctors helped promote the idea that a diet change could help with behavior, more people may try that method. With more people trying to check for allergies first, and then changing their diet if they come up positive to something, we may have a lot less people diagnosed with ADHD and having to take medication all of the time.

I said at the beginning of this post how I am realizing now just how relevant this topic around ADHA is becoming, and it has been coming up a lot for me lately. It has been coming up so often, that I’m thinking of maybe starting and iVenture with it, and I also really want to take part in Disney’s XPrize innovation challenge because it sounds amazing. I’m going to try and seriously think about all of that and see what I come up with. It’s starting to sound like brainstorming time to me! (Too bad it is 11:30pm and I have to get up early for tomorrow’s big day.)

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