So Much Gymnastics!


Today was busy like crazy! SO MUCH GYMNASTICS!!!!!!! (Happy National Gymnastics Day!!!!!!!)  And now I’m even sleeping over at the gym because of my sister’s birthday, and then tomorrow we will go back to the Sandy Springs Festival.

The performance today went decent under the circumstances. I had to do everything one handed, on mats on top of grass, and it was hot like crazy outside! The mats we set up on the grass were super hot from being in the sun. My feet still sting  a little from standing on it. I had to keep wiping my feet in the grass to cool them off, and one skill I did completely in the grass because balancing with my feet burning was close to impossible.

I’m quite tired now after a full day of activity, and I don’t know what else to say; while activity is tiring, it is also fun! I love a good experience!


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