Following Through


I expressed in my reflection yesterday how I’ve noticed that we haven’t been following through on ideas. I was really happy that we actually discussed this during our traffic meeting today because it was one of those moments where I could actually notice that my thoughts were being heard.

After I thought about this last night, I decided I needed to start doing something, because I really want to try harder to follow through on projects/ideas/challenges. The very first challenge I put forth (well, maybe not the first, but one of them) was “I Challenge ID to Dance”. However, we still haven’t danced. I sent out an email today to other cohort members to finally figure out who wants to be apart of this. I’m thinking of using the song “Naughty” from Matilda the Musical, and once I get the numbers I will start going deeper with creating the choreography. IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!

Besides that, going further into our interim ideas, and playing lots of Disney Sporcle quizzes, not much else happened today.


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