It was a conference day for the Upper School today, so we didn’t have school. However, because we had this extra time, we took advantage by having a longer drama rehearsal from 12-3 today. Mr. Taylor, our director, mentioned it at least 3 times yesterday, it was written on our calendar, and there was an email sent out about it, yet some people still had excuses about not knowing about it.

We are doing 2 plays right now, so it is twice as much work and twice as stressful as normal. Our one act competition play is 15 Minute Hamlet, and because not everyone is in it, and it isn’t our main stage play, we don’t focus as much on it. We usually try to practice it from 3:15-4ish after school and then do Mort, our main stage play, until 5:45 after that. The one act competition is happening the day after Mort closes, so we can’t waist time, so it really doesn’t help when people don’t show up.

I just really don’t understand how people don’t realize that we have rehearsal, or don’t realize when it is. WE CONSTANTLY WERE TOLD ABOUT IT MANY DIFFERENT WAYS!!!!!!!!

I think communication may be the most key life skill. To be able to communicate means to both give and receive information well, and if you can’t communicate, you will have a hard time with any job. Because people weren’t good with communications, we did rehearsal today with about half of the cast for each, which just made things difficult. The MVPS Allstars our a team, and with any team we have to work together to actually be productive. At soccer we get told this all of the time, but it doesn’t only apply to sports.

The Disney Cohort has also been having some team issues lately. By this I mean, we don’t feel like a cohesive team. There are very obvious divides between freshman and upper class-men specifically, which causes a large disconnect. On a survey we took earlier in the week to help prompt our reflections, most people said that they didn’t really care about the person sitting next to them. That’s a problem, but I must say, I too ranked that one pretty low on our 1-5 scale.

I realized that while ID is said to be like its own grade level in an academic sense, it isn’t always treated that way on the social side of things. Every grade goes on a retreat, and from what everyone has said, the retreats really brought their grades closer together as a team that has to work together to be successful. However, ID didn’t go on a retreat together. I think it is important for every ID member to still be connected with their official grade, but I feel like ID needs to have some retreat style activity together. We haven’t really had that bonding time together where we completely forget about the things we are working on and just relax and have fun learning about each other.

Our cohort is going to be together for a while, but if we can’t feel completely comfortable to be uncomfortable with each other, we won’t have as much success as we could.  A team needs to communicate with each other to work well together no matter what type of team, sports, drama, or even ID.


3 thoughts on “Communication

  1. Anya,

    I appreciate your perspective and point of view. I am seeing the survey results differently though. In the view that I have of the data, 91% of respondents indicated a 4 or 5 on the prompt about caring for their fellow iD cohort members.

    Where are you looking and how are you making the conclusions you are making. I am just curious.

    Mr. A

    1. Hum. I guess my understanding was wrong then. Yesterday when we were together Ms. Cureton had made the point of saying that people didn’t care about the person next to them, so I made the assumption that she got that information from the survey which she was going to show on the board but then couldn’t. I had also assumed some based on how people act out side of ID. I know that there has been some tension, so I’m actually surprised that those were the results. I can say that I was the one 2. I said this not nessessarily because I don’t care about them, but because I noticed and don’t enjoy the feeling that everything has like “us or them” often and figured the survey would be a way to express that concern. I could probably be doing a better job at trying to cross that boundary myself, and I plan on trying too; however, while I could be wrong, I don’t think I’m the only one to notice this disconnect, and I don’t know how encouraged some of my peers may feel to change it.

  2. It seems that I got some conversations blended together by mistake. Most people did not rank that question low on the survey, it was that most people did not know and or care much about the possible iVentures that other members of the cohort will or may be working on ; however, there is still somewhat of a disconnect despite that. The whole idea of the post was about communications, and yet there were some miscommunications within it. #failup Thank you for sharing this accurate information and clearing up the conversations Mr. Adam and Ms. Cureton. After all, “communication is key.”

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