Change is Coming

Project Schedule

(The project schedule.)

There is tension in the air. Not necessarily bad tension, but just nerves in general. Next week is a big week for MVPS because it is the kick off of the project schedule for the first time ever. Some people are excited, others are not. Either way, no one knows exactly what to expect. It is a mystery of knowns unknowns.

Will students take advantage of their iProject time? Are students ready for that freedom? Will students know what to do with themselves during that time? Where is the boundary between too much structure and too little structure? How will teachers respond to less class time? Will students feel to stressed by class work to make the most of their projects? How many students actually know what project they want to do? How can students be encouraged to find something they are passionate about?

Moving into this next week, classes have all felt weird; especially since there wasn’t school Wednesday. Several of my friends and I have discussed how it feels like we have no homework, and yet stuff we are forgetting. We have had lots and yet very little. It is a weird sensation, but the end of this week we have had test, or quizzes, or general stuff we knew was  coming, and yet through the week it didn’t really feel there at all. Next week a change is coming. Change can be scary and exciting. For me the most tense and odd feeling part of a change though, is right before it happens.


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