Redefining Homework


I’ve been riding the procrastination train this weekend. I’ve had quite a bit of history homework to be doing, but with our new schedule, I don’t have that class until Tuesday, so sadly I’ve been procrastinating. There has just been so many other things happening this weekend.

For drama we went to the costume shop on Saturday to get fitted, and that was a ton of fun! I play princess Keli as my main role, and I had some fun wearing my princess clothes for the first time. (But we don’t have my crown yet.) I didn’t get to see everyone in their clothes because then I had to rush off for my soccer game, which I talked about yesterday some. I  ended yesterday by spending the night at Emily’s house with a bunch of my best friends. I was the first one to leave in the morning because my acro coach invited me to join her at a dance class this morning. It was lot of fun, and now I have some more ideas for this interpretive dance, which I will finish! She dropped me back off at my house because then my family went on one of our random traditions.

Since my 3rd grade year, (so this is the 8th year in a row), my family has gone apple picking in Ellijay during the fall. This was that weekend for us, so today we went apple picking. Apples are yummy, and I always love this little venture. When we got home we all ate dinner outside by our fire pit, which was a nice end to our family day. But the night couldn’t be over until seeing the premiere of the 4th season of ONCE UPON A TIME WITH FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was pretty fantastic!!!! My mom and I have been watching the show through the seasons and we had been waiting for a few months now for the show to return, so I was really excited for it to be back.

While I was trying to work on homework here and there, all I could think about was all of the things besides homework that I would love to be doing: practicing the flute, typing up my list of blocking and props for drama, looking up music for routines, creating routines, thinking more about possible iVentures, figuring out how to share the ID story with the rest of the school, working out thoughts about the roof, figuring out a design for a painting to hang on the wall of the ID room, watching the Giver, hanging out with friends, and I feel like a few other thoughts have crossed my mind as well.

I was thinking today about how we often get asked, “What do you do when no one’s watching?” Well, I realized that in the life of a high schooler, we often are still working on school work. It all connects back to Mr. Dust’s point about questions versus observations. A problem with questions is that they are filled with assumptions. When asking, “What do you do when no one’s watching?” the asker is assuming that the subject does what they want during that time, but this isn’t necessarily true. I know studies have been done saying that it is more helpful for high schoolers to have homework in order to learn, but this is still based on the standard school way of describing learning, isn’t it?

I feel like I have been trained through the years to hate homework, but homework is really just work you do at home when teachers aren’t looking. What if homework was working on what you wanted to do rather than what you felt like you had to get done? I hate homework most of the time now, but what about in school 3.0? What is the “real world” version of homework? HMW not hate homework?

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