From Glitch to Norm


I updated my phone software today, and of all of the changes the one that stood out to me the most was that a glitch fixed itself. For months now, (I’ve lost track of how long), my phone has said that I have had 19 unread texts even if I know that I have read them all. At first it bothered me that it was messed up and not telling me the truth, but after a while of being confused and people saying that I had a ton of text to read, I got use to it. I didn’t realize it, but that little thing had just become natural to me to see every day when I looked at my phone. Now it is gone, and for some reason I miss it.

At first change can seem annoying, but then you get so use to what once seemed to be the “different and weird form” until it just becomes the normal thing. I have a habit of over hearing conversations, and to sum up what I gathered from how some teachers and students though of the project schedule today, I came up with this: “I wish I could just jump into this new schedule and totally embrace it, but I can’t. I like the idea of the new schedule allowing more time for personal passions with the iProjects, but it is hard to have so much less class time but still have the same information that needs to be covered.”

On Monday’s with the new schedule, we don’t have an iProject time, so tomorrow will be the real test with the new schedule, but switching gears today still felt a little different and possibly annoying to some people. I hope that like my phone glitch, the project schedule will become something that everyone gets use to and learns to embrace it to the point where when we switch back, you miss it a tad.


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