Presenting and Discussing


Today was one of those days where I feel like a lot happened, and yet  it doesn’t really feel like it was today at all. I had lots of things to prep for, so last night I had another “sacrificing sleep” time where I went to bed at 1 so I could feel better prepared for school later that day.

I had to present my current events project in History class to start the day. Every week one or two people share a current event, but since last week was funny for our class, I presented today about Emma Watson’s speech on feminism that took place last Wednesday. We then had our big socratic seminar on creating a US policy plan for dealing with ISIS; however, the only conclusion if any that we came to was that the problem is around the ideology, and using military force won’t help. Our head of school actually came into the class during this discussion, and this made me really recognize immediately how at our school we can and do talk about current events and real world problems.

Moving into the next time, ID presented version 2.0 of our interim ideas for those of us that will be saying. Ms. Brown also came and heard our ideas. There was some great insight that came from after these presentations. Personally I recognized how as a student, we are so use to feedback being the end of a conversation. When we present, that is our only shot to get things right, and usually negative impact is what you think more about because it effects your grade negatively. We were all really nervous for today and felt unprepared, and I think it is because we thought our presentations needed to be extra flawless because we were presenting not only to our fellow cohort members, but also to Ms. Brown who isn’t usually with us during ID time.

A big take away I had was that it didn’t need to be flawless. They expected our presentations to be about where they were; we had good ideas that were being developed, but we needed more logistics worked out. Some of the questions they asked us to consider were simply things we didn’t think to have asked because we simply aren’t use to asking them yet. Our teachers are much more experienced in giving formal presentation pitches like this, and the best way for us to get better is to learn from our own experiences. As a cohort we decided we need to have more time for practicing giving feedback and receiving feedback so that we get use to the idea of this being a prototype presentation.

Another important take away was how the teams worked. The other group was much bigger than us, but for both groups we discovered that we could have better established roles so that we worked more productively in our small amount of time together.

(I meant to mention earlier, today was the first ever day with iProject time, so we had a lot of time together as a cohort.)

After the brief discussion we broke off for a little to look back on our reflection writings, and add to our personal passion board which you can put anything you want on. The idea is to spark potential iVentures. I also had a quick check in meeting  with Mr. Adams and Ms. Cureton during this time, so my board is still mostly blank.

We then left school entirely to go out for lunch at Marlow’s Tavern. This was so fun, and Ms. Cureton got the new experience of driving a bus for the first time!!!!!! It was one of the few times where we have just hung out without specific focus, and great conversations always come during these. We talked about weird quotes in the bathroom: “It’s your ribs. They are delicious.” “Are you feeling spicy?” We brainstormed possibilities like a fully fruit inspired instrument  band and a giant flute that is played as acro is being done on the keys. Jackson mentioned a story about the worse sailing experience he has had, and we learned of a project he is working on in photography to create a black room. It was great!!!!

Latin was exciting as usual, and even in English we got to read Julius Caesar outside. Then in drama we finally have finished blocking everything and did a full run through of act 2 for the first time!!!!!

So much happened today, and it was so fun that it didn’t feel like a lot of things happened in a really stressful way. It was nice. Last night I was definitely a little stressed with all of the big things I was preparing for, but after today I think everything went pretty well, and I enjoyed the myriad of unrelated and yet related discussions.


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