Like, Comment, Mention: Feedback


I hit another milestone in my blogging experience today; I have officially gotten over 200 likes! It’s funny because I know there are people that follow my blog, but I don’t actually know how many people read my posts. I only know who read posts based on if they liked it, commented, or mentioned it to me during the day at some point. When ever someone mentions something I wrote about, I’m always a little startled at first because I don’t always realize that they even read it.

This blog has helped me realize how important feedback really is for both the receiver and the giver. When someone gives me feedback, it is how I know that my thoughts are being heard, and that is a great feeling. I’m always happy when a teacher mentions something to me from my blog, and since this blog, it has been the first time I can honestly say that I felt like my writing was making some sort of impact. Tomorrow I have decided that I want to brainstorm things that I can do to help other people enjoy writing more, and to feel like their writing matters.

One of my mentors told me today that he had expected my blogs to get shorter once school started because he thought I would have more work to do instead, but the post have almost gotten longer if anything. School has actually had the opposite effect. School has opened my eyes to so many more things to write about, and I care more about maintaining this blog then I do about some if not most of my school homework. I make it a priority to write everything I feel fit for the day despite the other work I may have because this is just as important. I do both until both are completed fully to the best of my ability.

5 thoughts on “Like, Comment, Mention: Feedback

  1. Pinya, I love this post. For me it is an indicator and example of what can happen when we invite and encourage rather than require and grade. Motivations are so fine-tuned for different people at different moments of our lives, but I hope that many of us agree that intrinsic motivation is a goal in almost any situation. I cherish reading about your intrinsic motivation to write, and I so appreciate that you have been heavily assessed, with much feedback for learning and growth. And, yet, there is not a “grade” attached to any post, nor was this blog any sort of assignment (in the school sense). THANK YOU! For those who wrongly think that students won’t dig deep without some number in a grade book hanging over their heads, I hope they discover this post and see a crack in the concrete sidewalk for a flower to spring forth.

  2. I wonder the impact blogging would have on students’ writing and teacher response to their writing. Also your writing over the past few months seem so much more develop than the five paragraphs that your crazy history teacher had you write.

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