That is the Question; What is the Choice?


Asking questions is really important, but lately I’ve been discovering that it isn’t just about the questions you ask, it is about the choices you make because of questions. A single choice can change a life, but that life isn’t just composed of one choice; a persons character is built from all of the big and little choices that person makes through out a life time.

Lately I have been quoting Hamlet often because we are putting on the production of 15 Minute Hamlet so I’ve become even more familiar with it. One of the most famous quotes from Hamlet is, “To be or not to be / that is the question.” Hamlet is contemplating on killing himself or not, but him just asking the question doesn’t say a ton about his character besides inferencing that he ponders these things so he must be going through difficult times. What defines Hamlet is that he makes the choice to not kill himself and instead he fights to discover the truth about the king’s murder in order to bring justice to his father. Hamlet is courageous enough to keep fighting even if things are getting difficult in his life, he is cleaver enough to plan a scheme to discover the couscous of the new king, his uncle, and he is audacious enough to challenge his mothers loyalty. Hamlet had to make the choices to fight, to scheme, and to challenge when he could have just as easily have made the choices to do nothing and let his questions go unanswered.

Life is full of questions. Questions propose choices. What you make of those choices is what defines you as a person, so try to make good choices, but when you find yourself not making the best decision, choose to learn and grow from it. Our failures tell our story just as much as our successes do.


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