Struggle as Team; Grow as a Team


(This is an old picture of my team, but it is one of my favorite pictures despite how many people have come and gone since then.)

I had another soccer game today, except this game wasn’t quite like the others we have had so far this season. Today we played who our coach considers to be our “arch-nemesis” basically because they are our only big competition in the rec league we play in (even though we are playing u19 which is way above our age level). This team beat us in our first game last season, but then we beat them later in the season, so today was the tie breaker which gave our coach an excuse to finally get serious about a game.

Competition is pretty great. Sure it is fun to win and being able to just mess around, but it is way more exhilarating to have that really close competition because that is when you learn what your team is made of. You have to be able to keep your head high and tuff things out until the end.

The other team played well, but in the end we won this game 4-1 (I scored again too!). While it may seem that we won by a decent number, the team really did have some good moments. The goal they did make was actually pretty clever of them because they took it really quickly after getting a free shot and most of our team wasn’t even paying attention. When the goal went in people thought it didn’t count because the referee didn’t blow his whistle, but it turns out that he doesn’t have to unless he has to count out 10 yards from the kick. (The more you know.) While at first some people were a little upset about the goal, and some people thought it wasn’t fair, we all had to admire their cleverness because in all seriousness that is what you are taught to do to win.

I decided to talk about soccer today because I realized that teams of any kind are all very similar. It is a group of people coming together based around one common interest that works towards some goal. Sometimes you will have great days where all of the dots seem to connect and you create something magical. Other days will be ruff and it will seem like nothing is being accomplished. Teams struggle, but the important thing is to struggle together. As a team keeping your head together is one of the most important things. If you can get another team mad enough to where they start yelling at each other, they will not play there best as a team, and it takes a team to win.  If you don’t struggle it will be much more difficult to grow because your best competition is what pushes you to strive for better. Win together, lose together, laugh together, cry together, but always stay together.

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