Highlighting Teacher Courage


 (Mr. Baroody now, and then.)

I say this a lot because I really believe it strongly; life is full of stories. Everyone has a different set of stories that make up their life. What you know about the people around you comes from the stories you learn from them.

Today we learned that Mr. Baroody, our Latin teacher, was in an acapella group in college called the Davidson Generals. He was pretty good too. He later said that he regretted telling us that he was the lead in the song “Chasing Cars” on their album “General Consensus”, which is on iTunes. (And now you all know as well.)  🙂 We heard it during class and warned him that by the end of the day most of the Upper School would know about it, and it would have a lot more downloads too, and while he acted shy about it, I hope he was proud because it was pretty awesome. (And these predictions came true.)

We learned a few things from this news. One, it proved yet again how quickly gossip spreads in a high school between students and teachers (many teachers also learned about the song for the first time today). Two, it proved how you never really know the full story behind a person and there is always more to learn about what events shaped people’s lives. Three, it seems that students can know so little about their teachers some times.

Mr. Baroody may have joked about having said too much, but I was really pleased to know that he was comfortable with sharing information about his past with his students because that can be difficult. From a students perspective, it is nice to know that your teachers trust you enough to share personal stories like this. Mr. Baroody isn’t the only teacher that shares pieces of their story with their students, but I most applaud him for today both for his singing capabilities and for his bravery in allowing a bunch of high school students to know about it. Your work and character is much appreciated Mr. Baroody.

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