Where I Am At

I really love all of the time we have for ventures on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To begin each week, the ID cohort will have a traffic meeting which serves as a time to talk about upcoming events, general announcements, goals for the week, or time for an adVenture. As an example, here was this weeks traffic flow:

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 10.57.40 PM

Typically we would have these meetings on Mondays during advisory, but yesterday all of the high school had to go to the gym to get talked to about behavior during advisory time, so we pushed it back to today. As you may notice, I have signed up for an internal tomorrow which basically is a time for me to talk about where I am write now with my venture(s) work. I’m going to use the post tonight as a bit of a preview of that so that I can also clarify some of my own thoughts before tomorrow.

During the traffic meeting we looked at our Planning Brief document and interviewed a peer about their process with their venture so far. The idea was to become aware of how this document isn’t meant to be something we have to turn in so that we can start a venture, it is simply meant to help you think through questions to clarify your venture. As a group we also decided that what we may want to do is set up a meeting with someone else when you think you have those ideas so that you can give the other person the sheet and they can fill it out based on what you said, because a lot of us just don’t like the idea of having to commit and conform to those questions on paper.

We were asked to focus on just one topic for these interviews, and for some reason, I decided to not pick the roof as probably would have been expected. One of my road blocks has currently been simply deciding on a direction to go because I have had so many ideas and have trouble moving on past some. And I think my decision to not pick the roof might have been my subconscious telling me that I want to go in a different direction first. A lot of people are concerned with space and redesigning space for students, and while I’m really passionate about this, I am starting to think that may be something I decide to help with, but not lead. I don’t know thought. I hope to get some feedback on those ideas tomorrow because I have started to do some initial fleshing out of ideas and questions to look into in regards to the roof space.

Like I said, I didn’t decide to pick the rood. Instead I started with this idea of creating a musical with Kaylyn, and while talking with Margret I realized that I’m really passionate about people sharing their stories. I guess I already knew that, but now I think I want to pursue it more. I talked about how I wouldn’t have considered myself to be a writer until very recently because at school I was always known for bad spelling and grammar and English was typically my lowest grade. Being the student I am, this grade was never low, but because of that I was and am that student that other students feel the need to focus on the mistakes that I do make. (This was interesting because Margret’s focus is on how school and society should really start to focus more of encouraging  student’s skills rather than focusing on their mistakes which really helped me develop my thoughts.) I’ve said this before, but since I started my 100 days in a row blogging challenge, I have realized that writing isn’t about a grade or grammar or your format, but it is about the thoughts, ideas, and opinions that you have and about making them heard. In short, writing is about telling your story.

I want to hear more stories and I want others to feel free to share their stories. That is what I think I may want to focus on write now. I had some quick ideas about this topic. Kaylyn and I had originally thought about creating a musical and she was going to head the writing side while I headed the music/dance stuff, and we wanted to create some sort of home-base website that we could use so that other students could post ideas of maybe sections of writing to add to the big story. (This was like iteration 1 of this idea, and I’m still brainstorming others and haven’t gotten much more specific.) Another idea that came up in my conversation with Margret is the idea that stories can be told in other ways than just writing. While I do believe that everyone can be a writer if they choose to, I realized my passion comes from the story telling side of things, so I should encourage all forms of story telling. This is how I got the idea for a Story Festival (iteration 1 of the name).

It would be an event where students and teachers could showcase pieces of writing, art work, dances, music, or any other creative form they come up with that tells a story about themselves. I don’t mean that the stories have to all be personal narratives, but by showcasing a piece of work, you are saying that the form is something you like to do and it demonstrates your passion and creativity in that field. I would image there being some pieces of work just on display, some live performances, maybe a reading corner where excerpts from stories are being read out loud, potentially even some interactive work areas to help further peoples story telling skills.

Now while thinking about the Story Festival, I realized that I still would need to actually get students interested in wanting to submit a piece to share. That is where I’m thinking still about ways to slowly get people out of the mindset of “we write for school” and into the mindset of “we write to share”.

And that is where I am. I know I will get feedback tomorrow from the ID group, but I would also love to hear feedback from a grater population!


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