Breaking Boundaries; Part 2: My Investigation Cap

Well today was a day for breaking boundaries! (Today a lot happened, so I broke the post into 2 post for today.)

Part two, My Investigation Cap:

Now besides just my work with my personal iVenture, I also had a pretty neat opportunity today. I got to be in a teacher meeting. This wasn’t something that all of ID was just invited to because we are ID. I was at this meeting because I was curious about MVPS’s plans for the Council on Innovation (COI) and took action to find out more about it.

To give a brief look at what COI is exactly, this is how the school describes it: Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.34.00 PM

Last year, I got to be one of the first students to participate in COI (it was also the inaugural year in general, but students being involved was a big deal because it was even more new and insane at the time), and I truly believe this was what sparked my curiosity in design thinking and how to apply it in school. COI happened last year at about this time, so school had just begun really, and I was a freshman so everything was new and different already; adding in DT just flipped everything upside down even more. I loved it. Going into COI, the students had practically no idea of what we were going to be doing. We met twice before the official date to get a run down on the day, divide into groups, and do a little research and planning for interview questions that we would be asking to a few specific members of the council. Then we just showed up and rolled with the punches. Last years theme was on being globally competitive, and the students came up with some great prototypes for these “experts”.

While I didn’t know it then, this was a huge MOVE moment for me; moment of visible impact. I observed how teachers and business men and women started to get a new perspective on what students were capable of; keep in mind this happened with little to no previous experience with design thinking. And these ideas are ultimately what helped to shape the Innovation Diploma which is also why I felt so interested and enthusiastic about joining ID in the first place.

Looking back from then to now, I realize just how much school has changed for me since COI last year. I don’t settle for shallow answers anymore. I don’t feel hesitation to question adults. I recognize how important  the MVPS mindsets (collaborator, communicator, ethical decision maker, solution seeker,  creative thinker, and innovator) really are in life; businesses look for these skills because they are necessary for success! I examine situations through the lens of design thinking almost always, instantly thinking about finding what the defined problem is and how the user will effect the solution. Most importantly, I discovered how school needs to change so that it can truly prepare students for life beyond college, and I have been inspired to be apart of that change.

COI really meant a lot to me, so ya, I was curious about what was happening this year because I knew I wanted to be apart of it. I already knew that ID would be invited, and that the event would be a little different from last year, but I was also really interested in if/how other student would be involved (as in those not in ID). I have had several people ask me about it, but I didn’t know what to tell them, which made me more curious.

Therefore, rather than waiting to be told to do something, I got my investigation cap on and went to work asking different people what they knew until I came up with this information: It will be held October 24th, and Ms. Cantwell, Mr. Adams, and Ms. Cureton were people I should talk to. So I did. I emailed the three of them asking about what the plans were, and I got way more than I expected out of it. I was invited to their meeting today about the organization for COI.

I went to the meeting (and participated) and was even asked about being another MC! It was awesome! I love knowing stuff; it is pretty great. Even over the summer I had put my investigation cap on to find out about iProject and schedule things, even though they don’t really apply to me being apart of the ID Cohort.

Today, being at this meeting, it opened my eyes yet again to how school is changing, and there are people trying to make this change happen. A few years ago, and even in some places today, a student being at a teacher meeting would have been inconceivable, unthinkable, unimaginable even, yet today, I did exactly that.

Another boundary has just been crossed and it is blowing my mind with what can come from it.


One thought on “Breaking Boundaries; Part 2: My Investigation Cap

  1. I’m now very frustrated because part one of “Breaking Boundaries” got deleted somehow, and I literally cannot find the post anywhere. I tried going to old pages and they just updated to the missing form. So, I shall hopefully rewrite that info later today, because I am tired and need sleep.

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