The Table is Full


School from nine to ten

Mort is the name of the play

Next week is the show

Mort is the most elaborate production we have put on at MVPS in 5 years at least (that is how long our director has been at the school) and if we can pull everything together it should be amazing! I know we can do it,we just have to do our very best! Today was the first time we went through it all, plus we had all of our costume, sound, and light cues to accompany it. It was an intense and long day of rehearsal, and we did pretty good. Things were falling together and it was spectacular! The show is based on Terry Pratchett’s book Mort which is about a young boy named Mort who finally gets apprenticed off at the hiring fair this year, and he is chosen by none other than Death himself. Now unlike what you may thing, Death does not kill people; people kill people, disease kills people, Death takes over from then on by ushering the souls into the next world. While learning from Death, Mort goes on an epic adventure after falling in love with Princess Keli (that’s me!) and ultimately messing up history by killing her assassin. To try and correct what he started, Mort must team up with Death’s daughter, Ysabell, and a powerful and ancient wizard, Albert. Mort sees the world and time itself from a whole new perspective, and in this play we take the audience on this journey with him complete with witches, wizards, princes and princesses, high priest, partying towns people, magic, battles, and the struggle of time.

Tuesday is preview night and then Wednesday through Friday are show nights as well; then on top of that we have our one act play competition where we will be preforming 15 Minute Hamlet, this next Saturday. To make matters more intense, I also am messing with my schedule Monday and Tuesday for band, and then again Friday when we have COI all day. Next week is going to be crazy fun!


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