I Today was kind of fantastic!

GOT TO GO TO BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got to go to band for the first time in forever and I absolutely loved being able to play with the upper schoolers since the pieces are much more challenging for me. I also got to experience the other math class, (which I think I like better than my own actually because there a lot of people I like to compete with in that class), and I’m actually now ahead of my own class.

After school, we had a run through of 15 Minute Hamlet because the one act play competition is Saturday and we need to make sure we are still prepared for that. But before then, we have Mort this week!!!!!! Tomorrow is preview night and I have to keep saying it so I can process that this is actually happening! The production should be pretty awesome and we are all super excited! Today we did a nice run through of act 2, so hopefully we are prepared for tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Then after all of that, I still had acro as well as teaching some of the younger team girls their routines. (That’s right, I was a teacher and student for gymnastics.) I really love choreographing floor routines. It is just so much fun! The best part though is when I teach a girl their routine and they love it too. I think I can relate to teachers at school well because I teach children too. The proud feeling you get when your student makes an accomplishment is beyond words. One of the girls I was teaching today liked her routine so much that she stayed over an hour after her practice was done so she could keep working on it (her sister had to stay anyway, so her parents were okay with leaving and coming back later). This girl typically takes a while to learn routines and when she does they are usually pretty sloppy at first and she doesn’t always simile, but she learned it in 30 minutes and was smiling the whole time and looked like a gymnasts too! It was pretty great. I try to create the routines and music specific to different girls, so I’m always glad when I know that I made a good decision with routines. Being a teacher is a hard job that way; it is hard to always teach in a way that is best to a particular student.

We are all teachers and students. As a teacher I am proud of my students, and as a student, I am proud of my teachers.

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