We Did it, We Did It!!!!!!!


TODAY WAS PREVIEW NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It went really well too for a preview, some great stuff happened and overall we seemed to get into that great flow state where thinks just click. (Sure we had a few things a little off, and sound wasn’t spot on, but overall we did pretty well. Now we can only improve! The important thing is to make the corrections then forget and move on.)

It isn’t only in the theater where it is nice to be in a flow state. This is another example of how theater things can be used in all of life. When you get into a state of mind where things just keep clicking, it is pretty fantastic. Great discoveries and ideas tend to come from those moments.

My latin teacher pointed out today how late October/ early November and February are the hardest parts of the year in the sense that they are right in the middle of the semester where everyone feels the need for a break. I agree with this statement entirely. We are starting to reach that point where everyone is constantly tired and the click moments don’t always happen. During ID today (even though I was in a different English class for 7th period and thus wasn’t there for ID during that time), I thought it was great how we stopped and took a walk out side to kind of regroup ourselves. It lead to an unexpected flow state for many ID members.

I hope moving into tomorrow for both theater and life will be a flow day.


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