It’s official, MORT OPENED TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!! It went pretty well too!

The hardest part about a show week is getting back so late and then having homework, which I should be working on now…

One of the best things didn’t even have to do with the show specifically, but just a success for drama members in general; WE GOT SWEATSHIRTS WITH POCKETS (hoodies) !!!!!!!!! At our school the sports teams all have hoodies that they are allowed to wear during school hours, and drama has always felt that we are equivalent to that of a sports team. Typically though, we would just get a show shirt which we could only actually wear on spirit days. For a few years we have been trying to get hoodies so we could wear them all of the time. Last year we made progress when we got sweatshirts (that are pretty awesome because the letters glow in the dark), but the sweatshirts don’t have pockets, so we don’t particularly like to wear them often. This year we tried again and our specific request was for hoodies with pocket.

Well, the student voices were heard and we got our hoodies!!!!!!!! Now we are all wearing them to school tomorrow to show off how cool they look, and to show how we successfully kept pushing to get what we wanted!


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