Healthy Learners


I didn’t post anything last night because it was one of those moments where I found it more meaningful to be living in the present situation with others. One of my best friends, who is now in college, came to see Mort last night. (By the way, closing night was tonight and now everyone is sad about that being over, but we have our one act competition tomorrow with an entirely different play.) Since this is the first time I have seen her since the middle of the summer, we went and got ice cream after the show.

COI (council on innovation) was today as well; therefore, I didn’t have homework last night that I had to get back to do. We got back to my house around11:45, but then she stayed and talked with my mom and I for a little. Like the night before last, I didn’t actually get to bed until around 1. It has been a long week…

Band, drama, COI, and the competition tomorrow.

School wants to create learners, but I would think teachers want to encourage “healthy learners”. We have (had I guess; tear) 2 teachers  in our cast for Mort, and I have talked with them about how they don’t understand how us students do it all. We have had drama until 10 every night this week, plus then we still have homework after we get home, and most of us have pretty good grades too.

Teachers tell us to sleep, but students really don’t get that much of it just because they are so busy. To some extend I’m sure there could be better time management, but over all there still isn’t a ton of time for some students. I’ve just been pondering this idea of what a healthy learner is lately because someone mentioned the term (I think Mr. Adams).

I would like to talk more about COI, and I will eventually, but with the competition tomorrow and me being so tired, I’m done typing.


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