(A tangent may touch on the topic at some point, but it goes in a direction of its own. “Math is everywhere!!!!”)

At school, my classes can manage to go on a lot of tangents. Tangents usually still involve learning, just not what the class was necessarily meant to learn that day. I personally think tangents can be way more engaging at times because they are specifically relevant to that moment, and if a teacher goes on a tangent about a cool fact they know, they tend to be really excited about it too! In classes we have talked about atomic theory, time travel, current events, the Greek language in general, and many more things because of tangents.

And those were some to the most memorable discussions I have had from classes. I find it interesting how it is sometimes what wasn’t “meant” to be taught that has really stuck in my head.

Even at home their are times when I want to go on a tangent from my homework really badly. Lately I have had this weird desire to research information about King Arthur and the knights of the round table. This started after some of my friends and I were discussing how we want the round table to come back into the cafeteria, and then someone suggested labeling our google doc “Knights of the Round Table.” I’ve since been curious who we would all be in King Arthur’s court, and have wanted to learn more so I can make more conclusive thoughts on it.

However, I haven’t been able to look into it much which has really been bothering me. Instead I’ve been doing homework and studying for all of the various quizzes that we have this week before we start the new schedule next week. (Oh ya we decided to change again, but not by much, and I don’t know what to make of it quite yet. I shall decide next week how I feel about it.)

I wish I could take a tangent right about now…


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