ID (co)Venture Take 3: The Roof Again

This is starting to get old, but I’m trying once again at take (at least 3) of trying to get this roof (co)Venture going.

The schedule is changing again next week, and today the cohort spent some time trying to figure out how we want to manage this time going into next week. While everyone has a slightly different plan for the week that is based around their specific needs for iVentures, we collectively decided that Tuesdays will be coVenture Tuesdays.

There were 2 major reasons for deciding to do this.

One, while we all have individual passions, we are still a cohort, and we wanted a way to enforce and encourage this idea of us still being a team. This venture to the roof has bounced back and forth a lot between being an iVenture, a small coVenture, and a entire cohort coVenture. In the end, we decided everyone is interested in pursuing the roof idea so we should all work together. There was the suggestion of breaking into 2 groups from there with different ideas, but after doing the interim prototyping, we decided that it would be much easier to communicate within our cohort and with others to push our idea, if we are a cohesive, singular team.

That being said, we realize that one large group can be hard to manage, and our typical meetings when run by just the high schoolers can be dysfunctional. Therefore, we decided that amongst the group we will have different divisions that are sub-teams working in more specific areas. So far these loosely defined divisions are as follows: interview, design, communications (internal/external), structure finances and regulations, and potentially a director to help communicate between the divisions. We only discussed this within the last 15 minutes of our time together today, but next Tuesday we have planned a meeting to figure out more details on moving forward.

What really makes me feel like we will make more progress during this attempt over others is the fact that we have actually created a more detailed plan for what we want to get accomplished during our meeting Tuesday. We have also started to compile information from individual research or planning (since we have come back and forth on this so many times) into one place ( is a great sight!).

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 10.49.18 PM

Besides just us wanting to keep the team environment up, another big part of the push to make something happen with this venture is actually the push from students outside of ID. Going up onto the roof was one of the first things we really accomplished at school that was different from other students, and we talked a lot about wanting to do something with that space. At this point, students expect ID to do something with the roof. It has turned into a sort of test to see what ID can really do. Sure students may hear about us doing all of this stuff like going to the CDC and facilitating COI, but most students don’t see a physical end product from these valuable experiences, and in their minds that is still how success looks in terms of the ID program; can they actually make a change? We have advertised the roof idea enough where now we don’t have a choice but to accept this challenge and accomplish it; now we just have to figure out what to do and why to do it.

I think a lot of us have some opinions on these questions of what and why, but I’m going to withhold my thoughts until we discuss on Tuesday about who our user is, what we want to do for them, and when we want to set deadlines for goals.

Third times the charm. I think we are finally going to get moving because I think we are just discovering how to get moving for ourselves.


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