Cultures, Strengths, and Social Media


While doing AP World homework tonight, I was thinking about cultures. Cultures exist everywhere.

Our school culture is very different from other schools for example. I find this interesting since we are searching for a new Head of Upper School because I think a specific trait we will need from this new person is the ability to jump into a team and bound with a new culture relatively easily. I mean we are searching for an outside person to come in with the ability to lead our school into becoming the best 21st century school (that’s our school’s goal by the way, but I’m not sure how many people actually realize that); this is a big task, and in order to lead a team, you have to know the team and bond well with them as well as understand the strengths of each individual.

To dive DEEPer (this may be the cheesiest joke at MVPS, but it still gets me every time) into that culture, there is then the culture of ID. With in this culture we all bring different skill sets to the table, the problem is that we haven’t all quite discovered what these skills are and what role we can play in the cohort.

I would very confidently say that I am a leader. Often times when Mr. Adams and Ms. Cureton try to step back to see what we can accomplish on our own, I tend to step up to lead conversations. Yesterday was a great example of this with the coVenture to the roof; I had started that conversation and primarily lead it and was then the one to start the document for our meeting plans and also add things to basecamp. When I know something needs to be done, I can only wait so long before not being stressed about nothing happening. (This kind of goes along with me having a hard time with being a fly on the wall.)

The challenge for me isn’t to be comfortable with taking leadership, but the challenge for me is how to encourage others to step up and lead. A big part of this is learning what everyone has to offer so that I can help say things like, “Hey, maybe X should lead the cohort in this conversation because he/she is really good at developing interview questions (for example), so he/she can help discuss ideas for our interviewing process.” There are some people that I have at least a comfortable idea of what some of their defining skills are, but those are mainly people who already have been stepping up to lead now and then. HMW find out what other skills people have?

Well, I was happy to learn today that the ID cohort will be having a strengths finder person come in to help the cohort establish and visualize what skill sets he have as a team! In 2 weeks she will be coming to just observe the group at work first, but we will also be taking a strength finder quiz before then which will help. Then she will talk with us individually to go over the results and what they mean, I suspect that we will all learn something new about ourselves which is always exciting! Then she will lay out a chart displaying the different strengths of everyone in the cohort side by side which will be really interesting and I’m just super excited that this is happening!!!!!!!!

I know one skill I need to work on is networking. I have avoided social media for a while because I’ve always known that it is a big time consumer and distractor, and with my crazy schedule I’ve never had a lot of time to get distracted on the tubes. I barely am able to keep up with blogging. However, I have finally been convinced that I need to get a twitter so that I can better associate and network with people outside of MVPS without just being told by someone from MVPS. So If you notice on the bottom of the side column I have a widget for twitter because I have made an account, but I have no idea how to use it effectively yet.

How might I learn to use social media; that is a question I never imagined asking, but it is my current problem to tackle.


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