Band Venture Accomplishment!!!!!!!


Today was the day I successfully hacked the elective system all of the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS BAND CONCERT DAY AND I WAS A PART OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This link goes to James Tiffin Jr.’s twitter where there are recordings of all of the pieces we played today!)

I was really excited for this concert because I had to do a lot of work to actually get the chance to continue playing the flute with the band and today was the big moment of truths; it was a successful accomplishment of one of the first goals I set for myself this year.

When we were inaugurated into the ID cohort, the schedule for the next year had not been set yet, so they couldn’t say if I would still get to play with band or not. Even with this uncertainty, I knew that I wanted to be a part of ID, so I didn’t debate to long about it. However, when the schedules came about 2 weeks before school started and band wasn’t on my schedule, I was surprisingly upset.

Band had been a constant in my life even when I switched schools going into 6th grade. I had been playing the flute since the 4th grade and I was just accustomed to it at this point. It was one of those moments where I didn’t really value what I had until I didn’t have it. When I was told that I “couldn’t” do band, I realized how badly I wanted to keep playing.

Therefore, from the start of this school year I made it my goal to get into band because that is a passion of mine that I want to pursue. There was a lot of communication involved with this goal I set. I had to first talk to the band director to work out going in Thursday mornings with the middle school and also talk to him about still getting the upper school songs. Then as we got closer to the concert, I had to also work with several other teachers to change my schedule some so I could actually practice with the entire band. The communication part would have been irrelevant thought if I hadn’t been able to stay disciplined with working on the music during my own time.

I mean basically this entire (what you may call a Venture even) was around how to manage time in a way that allowed me to accomplish certain things in class and also follow my passion with playing the flute, and then also learning to communicate this plan with others in an effective and persuasive way (persuasive so that I could actually do my plan). With the concert tonight, it marked a small success of a goal that I’m pretty excited about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I planed it, I communicated it, I was dedicated to fulfill it, and I accomplished it.

While this has probably been my most unofficial venture, I realized that it was a venture; How might I play the flute in the school band? I also realized that this makes it my first success in a venture, but it isn’t over yet. There are still more concerts, and the Disney trip is only a few weeks away, and I think there is more I can do with this passion, I just need to discover what.


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