HMW Innovate Arts

Halloween was fun; I dressed up in my Renaissance dress and cloak, hung out with friends, made some interesting cookies, and spent the night at my friend’s house, but that was just party 1 of the weekend.

I’m not typically all that social of a person. I have my close friends that I hang out with a bunch, and am busy due to activities, but I wouldn’t consider myself a party person, so this is an odd and rare occasion for me where I have a party every day of the weekend.  Halloween yesterday, cast party today, then birthday party tomorrow.

Along with out cast party tonight, I also got to go see Cirque Du Soleil, and it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love all of the big props they use for gymnastics routines that go together to tell a story. Every time I see a new show, they have some new kind of trick!

I also listened to songs from my favorite musical, Wicked, a ton today between the cast party and driving to and from Cirque Du Soleil. The music for that show is just spectacular, and it is especially catchy! I have a flute book for solo pieces to the musical, but I have always wanted to play a full band/orchestra version of at least one of the songs. I was thinking about my venture with playing the flute and also stories, and I thought about how cool it would be to hear about how someone from the Broadway Wicked orchestra ended up playing there (it would especially awesome to hear from a flute player).

Then my next thought was: “How might I make that happen?” 

I started putting together some dots together: my family lives in New York. Broadway is in New York. My aunts boyfriend in a conductor on broadway. He use to conduct the orchestra for Wicked. He knows people in the Wicked orchestra today. I have my aunts phone number. She probably has his email number. I know how to send emails. I can text my aunt.

Conclusion 1: I’m going to try to network. 

The ideas didn’t stop with this conclusion though. Since I’ve been concerning myself a lot with trying to learn the band songs themselves, I haven’t really had a ton of time for playing extra stuff like I use to. However, ID gives me time for me to venture. Well, playing the flute was a non intentional venture, but a venture none the least.

Conclusion 2: I am going to start planning to give myself time for working on playing the flute. 

Now you might be wondering how Cirque Du Soleil fits into this, or you might have thought that was just part of the “what I did today” section, but wait, there’s more. I’m an acrobat, so watching Cirque Du Soleil really blows my mind because it shows me innovative things acrobats can do. I want to spend more time with my gymnastics/acro stuff because that is also part of my story. I’ve had this idea for a while about playing the flute while doing a dance routine (“Everything is connected in the great circle of life”). I wonder where I could go with this. I wonder if I could use the technique from the mechanical side of how to play the flute towards some new device or instrument. I wonder if the dance could create the music. I wonder what ideas I haven’t even thought of.

Conclusion 3: I want to explore my constant idea of dancing while creating music. 

I haven’t yet taken the strengths finder assessment, but I have a feeling it will relay something about how I come up with lots of ideas; my problem is focusing on something. Even on standardize test that are suppose to give you feed back on what career you may be interested in, the results basically said, “We don’t know. She is interested in too many things.” I tend to get interested in a lot because I’m always finding connections between things that really perks my interest. Yet through everything I’ve been doing, I keep seeming to find myself back at dance and playing the flute. (Which is kind of where I started when coming into ID. I just didn’t think of it as a possible venture yet.) I’m curious in stories still, but I think the stories portion really supports student voice and my passion for the arts. I imagine it as a back bone that I will want to keep in mind along the way.

Conclusion 4: I’m really trying to make a path and go with it, but paths can be so windy some times. 

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