Being Asked for a Favor

While I’m not exactly sure how or why I got asked, our communications prefect asked me to write a short piece for the MVPS website (I assume) “talking about all the preparation that went into the play, a couple quotes, and maybe a short summary about the play and whatnot.” I need to get this to her by Wednesday, but before then, I figured I would post it to get some feedback on it. I was also kind of just pleased to be asked at all and wanted to comment on that because it means somehow my work is being known. 🙂

This fall the MVPS Allstars put on the production of Terry Pratchett’s Mort. Our theater director, Mr. Taylor, commented that this was the biggest production that the Allstars have put on since he started at MVPS 5 years ago, and it went splendidly! The Allstars only had about two months to put on this elaborate show complete with moving lights, quick costume changes, and pre recorded lines accompanied with puppets. The Allstars even got some professional help for the character of Death who was puppeted by Lee Bryan (That Puppet Guy). Lee graciously took time away from his work at The Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta to join the cast on this adventure in the Discworld.

Besides Lee, the cast included actors: Savannah Rettig, Stacey She, Timmy DeShay, Akim Abdivyeh, Anya Smith-Roman, Sam Lovejoy, Michael McConnell, Solomon Simmons and Anna Jarrell; student tech and crew: Makenzie Cartwright, Jackson Dalton and Joshua Eastwood; and two faculty appearances by Dr. Tom Rounds and Zach Strother. As newcomers to the MVPS theater team, both faculty members found a new appreciation for the hard and dedicated work done by these students.

After the show, some of the cast members commented on their personal experience in Mort. Sophomore Sam Lovejoy said, “Although it looked bleak at first, the show became a masterpiece that we were all proud of in the end,” and senior Savannah Rettig also added, “It was a really challenging play, and much different than anything we’ve ever done before, but I also had a lot more fun with it than anything else we’ve done.” 

Mort got a great response from everyone at MVPS, and I can’t wait for the next production. Everyone had a wonderful time and did a fantastic job on and off stage. Great job Allstars!

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