Progress Without Homework


(Found these pictures today of little Anya making cookies. The funny thing is I found them after making cookies!)

Between drama, acro, soccer, and homework, I usually never have much free time and am always busy after school; therefore, today was weird. I had nothing to do after school. I didn’t have a single planned activity, and I had already finished all of my homework due tomorrow and even some for later in the week.

Logically, I went home and made cookies with this time. I enjoy baking, but I haven’t gotten the time to lately so that was nice.

I then played my flute for about an hour at least. (I got Christmas songs yesterday, and I finally got to play them today!!!!!)

I also fished drafting, getting feedback, and sending my email to my aunts boyfriend who conducts music for broadway. That was exciting, and now I’m waiting for a response.

Along with that progress, in ID today we had our first official coVenture day about the roof space!!!! It went surprisingly well too. We decided to split up into only 2 sub teams for now: interview and research. We all paired up and did a rapid fire interview with our partner to try and figure out which team we thought everyone would be best/most helpful to be on, and it worked out perfectly with 6 on each team. (That made things nice and easy.)

We decided to only split into 2 teams for now because we recognized that those were the two most important tasks we had right now; we need to know what the actual need is by talking with the MVPS community, and we also need to know some logistics about if we can even build on the roof and what the laws and regulations around that are.

I’m on the interviewing team, so I know more about those plans right now. We split are 6 people into teams of 2 so everyone has a partner for interviewing others. Then we generated a list of potential questions and also potential people we wanted to talk to. This is a sample of our working list of questions:

        • where do you go after school?
        • what’s your favorite part of the high school building?
          • your room?
        • where do you like to study/ideal study space?
        • how often does your class go outside?
          • why?
        • If you had another space, what would it look like?
        • did you know we can get on the roof?
        • what are your free periods?
        • what do you do during that time?
        • Seniors: where do you go when you leave?

Each partnership has a different group of people to interview: teachers, seniors (they are separate because they are the extreme case since they have extra freedoms), and then 9th-11th graders. By next Tuesday we want each group to have done 1-2 interviews so we can start unpacking and narrowing our HMW statement. Currently these are our working HMW statements:

  • How might we utilize the space on the roof to student and teachers advantages
  • How might we provide a community space that also helps the environment

My partner and I are interviewing the seniors, and I am happy to say that another thing I got done today was setting up that interview. My partner and I picked a time, place, and who we wanted to talk to. We emailed them asking if they were available, and they responded yes! That was very exciting.

As well as those emails, there is a team of us helping with the Interim CORE experience still, and we worked it out to meet with Ms. Brown Thursday during 7th period to work more on designing how that might look.

And to think I got all of that done and was still able to work ahead on some math. 🙂

Today I made a lot of good progress, but I didn’t have any homework…


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