Student Voice coVenture

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My fellow ID cohort member Kat and I have found a connection between our passions.

Kat has been particularly interested in 21st century education and redesigning education because she is around so many people that talk about it and wants to get involved with the process of redesigning school for future generations so it resembles the “real world”.

I have been particularly interested in the art of storytelling and the disconnect between students’ opinions on telling stories in school and and how people share stories in the world outside of schooling.

Together we discovered the common thread of student voice. (This is just a short little power point we made for an internal to give some visuals to our thought process so far.) In 21st century education, a big focus is on getting students to take control of their learning, but part of learning is also being able to capture and reflect what you are learning; that’s where the story part comes in. At least at MVPS, we have noticed that students don’t really like writing because of the way formats and rubrics have been beaten into them. Stories are about opinions and experiences, and students need to be comfortable with sharing their stories around education because school 3.0 is being designed for them. We all know how important the user is in design thinking, so shouldn’t students be more involved in the redesign of education?

HMW promote student voice? An important part of this question that Kat and I have recognized is that student voice is used and is greatly valued; however, not all students understand this and because they think that their voices aren’t being heard they are starting to not want to share their voice at all.

We now are going into a DEEPer (haha) discovery mode and also starting to get into the empathy mode. We have both finally started Twitter accounts (@PinyaBananas  and @Kat_A_Jones)  and are working on taking advantage of this resource by trying to network with different educators. We specifically dedicated time to read up on different blogs and twitter accounts of people that we thought may be interesting in setting up a Google Hangout with.

As well as interviewing, we have been taking advantage of an opportunity given to us by Ms. Brown to help design the interim experience for those student that stay on campus. (Other students will be on trips all over the country, and some will even be across the world. Personally I am going to San Francisco for a design thinking trip, and Kat will be staying on campus, but she is doing an Education First trip to Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland over the summer.) All MVPS high schoolers were sent a survey asking what experience would be meaningful for them personally and what topics they may be interested in pursuing over this week long period. The design being made based on student input, but we don’t know how many students realize the direct correlation, so we want to help make that clearer for them. We will be talking more with Ms. Brown about that tomorrow though.

And so, the new coVenture begins…

(But really it began last week, and I was just slow on posting this one.)


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