Celebrate it All


I made some more progress today!!!!

I have officially planned to have a google hangout with Adam tomorrow to talk about his story in the music world which I’m really excited to hear about.

Jackson and I also had a successful interview today with 2 seniors about space, free time, and out side learning to gather perspectives for the all ID coVenture to the roof. In the process of the interview we also told them a bit afterwards about why we were interviewing them and what we have been thinking about so far, and they seemed really excited about what we are doing which was cool.

Plus today was Thursday which means…BAND DAY!!!!!!!! I was really excited today because Mr. Grove had told me last night over email that he finally got the flute part for the Frozen medley song, and now that the Halloween concert is done, we got to play it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so much fun!!!!!! We also talked about the Disney trip next weekend, and I’m just incredibly excited for this opportunity!!!! I’m getting to go with the middle school band for a workshop in Disney. We get to work with a conductor who will first have us sight read a few pieces, and then we will pick one for us to record and people there will set it to animation. I was so excited that I came up stairs to 7th period (ID) and just started dancing around, and the best was that other people started dancing too! (Accidental interpretive dance for the win!)

To recap on the music venture, I have officially gone from not in band, to playing in both bands, to going on an extra trip with middle school, and now I can add starting a small ensemble band to that list. I knew I wasn’t the only person that had to not be in band this year, and some people have other commitments Thursday mornings so they can’t even join then. I also knew there were others that just wanted to play more and pick out different stuff to play and work on. So I asked around and found a group of 6 (including me) of us that want to start playing during enrichment Mondays (for now that is the day.) Together we have 2 flutes, a trumpet, a trombone/tuba, drums, and a piano, so we will see what we can do. Mr. Grove has already suggested for us to do stuff during the Christmas Arts showcase, so that is our first goal we’re working towards. We have some pieces that were originally given to us as duets, but they can be played all together, that we will start with, but they are really easy so we hope to find at least one other piece that is a little more challenging. Can’t wait for Monday now!

I also finally created a “Progress Bell”. (It was really hard to make; I brought a bell to school, put tape over the symbol previously on it, and added the words “Progress Bell”.) Now, whenever someone in ID makes progress with a venture, there is a bell to ring to celebrate it.

I really think it is important to capitalize on all progress no matter how small because sometimes people think that if they don’t have some big fancy product, then they aren’t doing anything productive, but that isn’t true.

Progress comes in all forms. And when you take a moment to get up and dance about it, it feels even better, so celebrate the big successes, but don’t forget about the little ones too!


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