The Discovery Struggle


I got to see Chicago the musical today, and it was really good. There were some fantastic actors in it, and I actually knew one of them which is always fun.

I wish we could do more big productions in high school. We’ve done a lot of cool new things like how in this next play we will be doing it as a projection puppet show with a screen against the window from the cafeteria to the black box, but we’ve never really done a big dance show since I’ve been there. Granted, it is hard to get a decent number of high school students that can do a big dance production.

I also just can’t get over how much I love theater music. The songs are always so catchy!!!! When talking with Adam yesterday he talked about Pop Orchestras that play more modern family and movie music sometimes. Today I was listening to some songs that the Boston Pops did and I just love that style of music. Movie soundtracks can have instrumentals that just seem like they would be so much fun to play.

The more I think about it, the more I just want to play music, but I struggle to think of what else I can do. Ya I can practice playing the flute, and talking to musicians is really interesting, but what else can I do? It feels almost stereotypical to say this, but I want to innovate something. I know innovation doesn’t just happen over night, but I feel like I haven’t found a crack yet to enter into. The discovery phase can be really hard when you just don’t have any idea where you’re going to go with something and it’s difficult for me personally to not have a clear idea.


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