The Week Before a Break=Stress

First I would like to say that we had a fantastic speaker at chapel today who talked to us in the form of poetry about stories and how, “The best story you can ever tell is your own.” One of his poems was called “Adventurers” or something like that, and once he said the title I knew I was going to like it, and then I loved it! He is in the process of recording it now, so when it get’s online, I will make sure to post about it. (I sadly can’t remember his full name, but am working on figuring that out based on his connection to the school.)


Anyway, I don’t know of anyone who likes the week before a break. It is typically one of the most stressful weeks of the year because every teacher plans a big assignment. It is horrible on students because they want to do their best on every assessment, but it is really hard to allot adequate time to every thing.

It doesn’t help (as excited as I am about it, AND I’M REALLY EXCITED) that I’m GOING TO DISNEY FOR BAND this weekend, and am missing school Friday. So now I have a math test tomorrow, a Science quest (a test that just counts as 2 quizzes) Monday, math test 2 Monday, a Latin quiz Monday (because I can’t take it Friday), an English quiz Tuesday (and possibly Monday), then a History test over Wednesday and Thursday. Plus supposedly there are lots of projects being assigned in English, but I didn’t have class today so I won’t find out until tomorrow. Not to mention, reading the last 3 chapters of Lord of the Flies, and chapter 12 for History with guided notes including fill in the blank, multiple choice, and short answer both due Friday too.

Now I’ve been working and studying for these things through out this week, but I’ve also had other things happening, and with being in Disney, it is going to be hard to really sit down and hard core study. It’s just so much all at once!!!!!!! It drives my head crazy!!!!!! There has to be a solution for this. This stress from assignments can’t be the best way to develop healthy 21st century learners, and I don’t accept the “that’s just high school” excuse because why should age determine the amount of stress you have to feel while at school? I was told earlier today to stop talking about school and go to chapel (completely jokingly, but teachers just like to mess with me because that’s my relationship with them), and guess what I was talking about that made me so excited… ID. Yup, go figure ID was what I was passionate about while at school. I wasn’t even talking about school was my answer.

And now I should get back to that other stuff I must do so that hopefully I can have a little less crazyness to deal with this weekend.


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