(Co)venture to the Roof?

My fellow cohort member, Abigail, wrote a great post about what’s been happing with the ID coVenture to the roof and this connects great to what I was planning on blogging about anyway tonight, so I’d really encourage reading it. And I’d also like to share my comment on it as well: Abigail I think that’s a great summary of what’s been going on with out coVenture, thank you for sharing. I would also like to add something about “The Life of a Project”. You may have not heard me at the very end since I was walking out of the room, but I think we are somewhere in between “This is going to take some work” and “This sucks– and it’s boring”. I plan on doing my own post later tonight about this idea of a “messy phase”, but in as a preview, I think this is becoming a little bit of a struggle for us because school has never exposed us to it, and that thought was really forming in my mind during this meeting.

I also think the “The Life of a Project” is missing a few steps. It never talks about the break through “ah ha” moment. That period of time where you finally feel like you figured out something good that will work to solve your problem. That first little moment of success that drives others. Sure in the end your project probably won’t be as good as you may have once imagined, but that doesn’t make it awful. The way it is worded (and I know you didn’t make this image or anything) makes it sound like the project was a throw away that you suffered through and never enjoyed it, but you just had to get it done because you were told to. Such an important part of why we decide to even embark on a venture is because you are excited about it and care about the results and who it will impact.

If there is no feeling of success and pride at the end of a project (venture), then you aren’t done yet.

Innovation Diploma

Today, the Innovation Diploma Cohort had our weekly meeting to discuss about our (co)venture, originally called: “(co)venture to the roof.” A (co)venture is an engineering project that some people can work on in pairs or teams, concerning a topic on which the pairs or teams are more passionate about. The whole entire Disney Cohort has proposed the idea of working to build something on the roof. For the first week we really started assigning a specific day, Tuesday, to meet and discuss about our formed (co)venture. Then we split up into groups, based on who thought they were stronger interviewing or researching about the topic, then those teams talked about what their next steps were. I know that the interviewers decided on pairs, who were going to meet with different students and faculty and ask about, what I feel, related more to space in general.

The next week we met…

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