Discovering Strengths


Well, while this week has not been great, it has been getting better at least. Today we had a person from the gallups strength finder come and work with the cohort, and it was great!!! All we did was talk about what we were all good at which is a nice change especially for while at school.

We discovered different ways to think about talents and strengths. We realized why it made so much sense who we were friends with and strengthened those friendships because we recognized how our different talents can work together. People all around the room were laughing and telling stories about this and that which related to times they demonstrated strengths. People realized how things that they thought weren’t true about themselves, were actually really true. I think this experience today was a great start to strengthening our ID team.

We were so excited, we wanted to just keep talking about it. I was thinking about how I want to discuss this at lunch tomorrow more, but what about my friends who didn’t get to take it? Will they feel weird? I don’t want them to, but I also want their opinions. What I really want is for them to be able to take the test too to learn more about themselves and so we can see how all of our strengths work together.

ID isn’t the only team at MVPS. There are lots of little teams, and really all of MVPS is a team. HMW improve that team by discovering each others strengths?

I wish everyone had the opportunity to take this test because everyone always says high school is an important time for discovering yourself, but does school itself actually help us with that discovery?

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