Interesting Moments of the Day

You know what was especially fun about today? I got to play my flute a ton! It’s Thursday so I went down to band with the middle schoolers like usual, but this is the first time I’ve been since Disney and I don’t feel as much just like “that awkward high schooler in the room” any more which makes it even more fun! What I really can’t believe is that the concert is the Thursday when we get back, because I don’t feel like I know these songs well enough yet. (I know what I’l be doing over the break.)

Then I went up to ID, but I was determined to play the flute more anyway; even if that meant sitting outside in the cold… It was okay though because I was able to play Defying Gravity and work on recording stuff. I realized that I don’t really know how to work garage band as well as I could, so I’m going to watch some tutorials to try to become more proficient and diverse with what I can do on it. I also finally realized that I need to update garage band on my computer, so I started to get that done by updating software stuff first.

While I was waiting for my computer I decided to prototype a flute so I can try to pursue this idea of playing the flute and doing a gymnastics routine. I’ve gotten the length, and width figured out, but now I’m working on getting the weight because as a person walking through pointed out, “You could practice with the prototype and then go to use the flute and just fall over slowly because of the weight being different.” That probably wouldn’t happen, but it was a good point, so I figured I would try to take that into consideration. I went on a hunt around the school to find a science teacher to help me get a hold of a scale, but the scale only worked for the head and end of the flute because the middle was too big. The someone suggested that the nurse may have a scale. She doesn’t, but she said she has a food scale at home so she is going to bring it in tomorrow for us to try. I later realized I could just look it up, this type of random fact is often online, and apparently a flute usually weighs between 1-1.5 pounds. I still want to finish measuring it just for the sake of it though.

Then I was at Jump Start, and I found a pool noodle to start trying to make a routine without using my hands much. Nothing is solidified yet, but I’ve got some ideas, and it was great to finally try that out a little. I even got my flute out and tried some of it, but I still need to memorize a song.

Something about playing today just made me happy, which was nice for a stressful week like this.

Now for just a few other things I’ve read/seen today:

MVPS WAS ON THE NEWS TODAY!!!!!!!!! One of my best friends is in an elective called Engineering and Technology and they are currently designing a prosthetic hand for a teenager named Alex. 11 Alive news came today to take some videos of the class and it’s pretty awesome, so I would really urge you to watch the video.

I also watched a TEDTalk called “The Myth of Average” which was pretty good too.

I also read a blog of a kid in the high school who I don’t know too well, but Ms. Cureton tweeted about it and he talks about his iProject. It is nice to know that people are starting to enjoy what they are working on at school.


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