Exercising Mental Muscles


I have a problem with having an idea, then realizing that it may not be the best idea, but then not knowing what to do next. This especially bothers me when I’m acting as a leader for something and then this happens, because I feel like I’m not leading well since I don’t know what to do next, but I also get frustrated if nothing is happening but confusion.

This also goes back to the challenge I’ve had with letting others be the leader, and encouraging others to lead.

This reminds me of one of the questions we reflected on while working with our strengths coach for ID, “You get the worst of me when…”; well, I think when I reach this level of confusion about what to do next, I’m not all that helpful. However, also being the person I am, I’m not okay with just saying “ya, I’m not helpful then” I want to get better at it.

How can I get better at handling these situations (if that is even the right terminology)? How can I exercise that mental muscle? (And these aren’t rhetorical questions, I would really love feedback on them.)


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