Happy Thanksgiving!


(My mom was taking a bunch of pictures on her big fancy camera, but I just have a few that are of my youngest cousins so here is a picture of them today.)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!

Such a great day with so many things to be thankful for; family, friends, life, learning, and delicious food!

We have almost all of my grandpa’s side of the family staying at my great aunts house in Virginia. (Everyone but my 3 aunts which totals to 22.5 people. The point 5 is due to one baby boy on the way.) Let’s just say it is a big house, and I’m thankful that it is big enough so we can do something like this where we all stay together comfortably. It is the first time all of us have been together in 10 years, so there are a few of my younger cousins (technically my 2nd cousins) that I had never even met before, and even some of the older ones I only met when I was really little so I didn’t really remember them. The great thing about family is that even if you barely know each other, you get along right away.

Sleeping in, cooking, having a camp fire, and playing games with family, that is a pretty awesome way to spend the holidays. And being me, I also worked on my essay and some math today until I was told to “stop being responsible and come hang out with the cousins,” which I agreed with for today.

It makes me a little upset sometimes when school work and family time have to be so isolated. My grandpa and I were watching TEDTalks and talking about math today as usual, and that was just for fun. My math for school keeps me further away from family while this type of learning brought us together along with other family members too that listened in and talked here and there. HMW bridge the gap between school and family?

(Assuming these equations are the wanted outcomes)




so shouldn’t school=family?

Anyway, today was great for me, and I hope you had a happy holidays too!

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