4 Picture Story-time

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 2.27.09 PMIMG_3137IMG_3149IMG_3180

(Surprise surprise that most of the pictures I choose were also things I blogged about. On the top is a picture of a skill from my first acro showcase with this trio. Then a picture of an awesome apple peeler, slicer, and corer that use to belong to my great grandma which we used to make apple crisp that was fantastic! Then is a picture of my 3 youngest 2nd cousins who I met for the first time on this trip, and the youngest shares my birthday. Then the last picture is of over half of my family up at 12:30 playing the original Nintendo.)

Oh how I love a good story!

One of my many ventures right now is about the art of storytelling and today I made some interesting observations about it. Over the break ID decided we were each going to take pictures of what we did, then today we picked 4, and only 4, pictures to tell our story.

It was so much fun to watch everyone get all excited about telling their story, and everyone was excited too; no one made it seem like they hated the “assignment” and that’s because it didn’t really take any extra time.

I noticed how the limited amount of pictures made people really think hard about what events were important enough for them to want to share which made the stories much more thought out which was nice. As a generalization most people talked about family, friends, travel, and passions. More specifically I noticed that, while not everyone has shared yet, the things that people usually talked about happened to relate to their iVentures and supported the “fail up” mindset even if they didn’t know it.

Some of the passions/iVentures discussed were acro, horses, health and exercise, animals, photography, cooking, helping and teaching others, nature, and discovering history. Some fail-up moments were: cooking mishaps, practice being needed to better preform, parents not knowing how to play video games, having weather cause problems with ideas, not getting to do as much as they would have liked to, and discovering how people have failed and improved from failures in the past too.

The more people that presented, the more connections I found to personal experiences over my break and also connections between what others were doing. I went second and after watching others, I realized that I left out so much. I also practiced the flute and played for my family, and the awesome apple peeler got messed up when I used it which was funny to everyone, and I watched a cool TEDTalk about an inventor trying to create life with plastic bottles and beaches. I realized just how much happens in a week that can be really eventful and make me excited.

By telling stories we learned about what our teammates really care about and also we realized everything that we learned too. No one had to say “I learned…” because it was just implied. After telling a story we discovered the learning that we do everyday; the learning that we do when no one is looking because we just love it that much.

Stories tell us so much when we take the time to listen.

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